need couch urgent Seattle rape victim


Hey all, I’m Jackie a 33 yr old disabled trans woman in Seattle. I have a set income from disability, so its been difficult to rent in time. 

I was raped by a guy I had been seeing two days ago and had been kicked out of my friend’s place. He can’t handle the emotional turmoil. I spent yesterday in the hospital and found a hostel for a few nights to find out that they’re unwilling to work with me because my driver’s license doesn’t match my gender. I stayed there last night and am desperately trying to find a place. 

I do not want to go back to sex work, so this is really a last ditched effort. I’m quiet, clean, and normally become fast friends with roommates. I can pay a maximum of $550 monthly, but open minded to any arrangement that’s safe and fair.  

Seriously, I have no expectations but I’d be extremely grateful. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 



its like parents are allergic to the sound of doors closing

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exclusive new fob lyrics from centuries ::

"were a shady ass band who send out shady ass tweets and confuse fans"

"literally so many baby’s"

"we can’t decide on hairstyles"

"if u thought the last videos were confusing just u wait"

"there’s just so many babies I just"

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Me: :)
Video games: $$$
Me: :(
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remember me for centuries



White people scream race doesn’t matter until someone makes their favorite character black